Saturday, April 19, 2008

Thunder and rumble

I haven't talked about our Thunder experience. It was a very cool breezy day to be down on the river watching amazing airplanes and fantastic fireworks. Thankfully, Sally knows how to arrange her "Thunderspot". She had several windblocks set up so that you could sit on the opposite side of the wind and stay relatively warm. The crowd was way down this year - it usually is around 800,000 but this year they were being generous at setting the amount at 350,000. While that made it much nicer for those of us who attended, it had to hurt the Derby Festival Committee after they spent so much on providing a fantastic show for us. Even our crowd was way down this year. Last year, Sally had over 100 folks in our section - this year, maybe 35. Again it made it nice for us that were there. Lisa decided not to bring Lily down, which was really intelligent - it was too cool for her. Matt was there along with several of his friends, and almost all of Sally's kids were there.
Bill has a new camera toy, and this is what he produced of Thunder - I think it is a great picture!!

Yesterday, we had the rumble. At around 5:30 yesterday morning both Bill and I were shaken awake by what felt like something BIG hitting the house. We got up and looked around, but could find nothing wrong so we went back to bed. Soon after, though, Lisa called to tell us she and Lily were awakened at that time too, but she turned on the TV to find out that it was an earthquake!! Go figure. Well, it did a little damage to a couple of buildings in Louisville, but not much more than that. As far as I have heard, there were no injuries related to the quake - whoo hoo! But, it will give us a topic of conversation for a while around here!!

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