Sunday, February 15, 2009

I believe that we are finally thawed!

At least for the moment. Snow coming back again this week, but they don't seem to be too worried about this one. Here's hoping "they" are right!!

In all the craziness of our lives, I have done some stitching. I finished the left half of Santa Clothes near the end of January. I have put it down for this month as I want to get some other things done.

I started back working on the Mystery Sampler the first of February. This is part four, and she has already published part five. I better get moving!!

I also started the Lizzie*Kate December Stamp this last week, but of course, I have a long way to go with it. Once this one is done, I have to redo the April Stamp as I made and error I thought I could live with - I can't. LOL I still think that I can have it done and the year's worth finished into a wall hanging by this summer. I hope that is not just positive thinking.

My brother's family in Californina have set the date for his Celebration of Life ceremony for the third weekend in March. Bill, Lisa and Lily and I are all going to fly out for it. As a matter of fact, since we are traveling all that way, we have decided to stay a couple of extra days and do some sightseeing. And also, hopefully, some relaxing. We made the reservations this weekend as it appears the airline tickets are going really cheap right now - whoo hoo!!

Last weekend, I spent all day Sunday at a board meeting for the acting company that I am involved with. I know that sounds terrible, but it really moves along. At the meeting, it was decided that all the board members should get a facebook page. So, this week I had Lisa get me set up with one. I could see where this could consume a lot of time. I am going to try to pace myself - LOL! If you have a page, come visit me it is under Beth Pearce.

Hope you all have a wonderful week and get lots of stitching done!!


Karen said...

Hi Beth,

I saw your comment on my blog and I am participating in a PIF that I hope to post on my blog tomorrow! I would love for you to sign on the look out for it.

BTW...I am stitching the Flip-it stamps too, but am going to display them in a photo cube. I have only done Feb. so I guess I better get busy. Can't wait to see your wall hanging!

Shelleen said...

glad that you are thawed out and your WIPs look great.

RuthB said...

Oh no , not another facebooker! lol You go, Beth! So, where abouts in my fine state will you be?

RuthB said...

Ok, Beth, how about some interview questions. The idea is you post the questions and answers on your blog an offer to interview someone else ---

1. If you could do anything you've never done before, what would it be and why?

2. Of everything you've stitched, what piece are you most proud of and why?

3. Are you going to teach all the grands to stitch... at least a little?

4. If you could live in complete comfort anywhere in anything (ie. Antarctica in an igloo), where would it be and why?