Friday, June 18, 2010

A little stitching done..

I guess you could say that this is exciting news, I actually did some stitching this week!! Part of it is that my chemo is going much better than expected, and part of it is just plain itchy fingers - LOL!! This isn't a particularly good picture, but it does show some progress on the Boo series by Lizzie*Kate. I have found that since I am doing this project on a different color fabric than was called for, I am having to change more and more of the floss colors that the designers chose. Since I took this picture, I have finished the Black Cat design and am working on the Spider design. It had called for a white for the spider web, but that just got lost on my fabric, so I changed the floss to a shiny gray instead. I don't think that it looks too bad, but of course I chose the color. In my next picture of progress, you can see for yourself, and I would love to know your opinion.
Tomorrow we will be helping DD move some furniture from our house to her new house. This is a win win situation because she needs the pieces, and we need to start thinning our overloaded rooms so that in a couple of years we can put our house up for sale. It is going to be a very eclectic group that is coming to help Lisa, and I am going to enjoy watching them work together. There is going to be a self proclaimed body building redneck, and professional artistic photographer, a man that writes on line college courses, a internationally acclaimed opera singer and a computer geek help desk brain. The later being my DS#2. I especially want to see the opera singer and the redneck work together, because surprisingly the opera singer is every bit as strong. I will let you all know how it went - LOL!!
Until I talk to you later, I hope you all stay happy and healthy and keep on stitching!!


Julie said...

Great start. I stitched a few of these as individual pieces, using the patterns after my friend stitched the entire piece - so second hand. It makes me sick that I can't find the right size buttons for the eyes. I dearly love the pieces. I suppose I should write LK and ask for their help. Happy Stitching!

Karen said...

Glad you chemo is going well..hoping it continues on! Love your progress on LK. I think the piece looks great...can't wait to see more.