Monday, August 2, 2010

A finish and some changes...

I have finished my exchange piece for Char. The ladies that shared one of the houses at the Pals Fall Fling last year had decided to do a little exchange to commerate the great time we had. This was my first stitched exchange, and I am a little nervous about it. The other ladies are much better stitchers than me, so I was feeling sorry for Char that she got me as a partner. She is so nice though, that she will be okay with it. So here it is - she likes birds so I hope she will like this. I had been concerned because my sewing machine had jammmed up on me the last time I used it, but when I went to check it out for this, it did just fine. It will be going off in the mail today.

I also have finished Eek on my Halloween Boo Club by Lizzie*Kate. I am enjoying stitching on this series, but I did enjoy putting it down to do the exchange. That got me to making the decision to go on somewhat of a rotation schedule for a little while and see how I like it. I figure that I should be able to stitch one of the Lizzie*Kate charts in a week, most of the time. So the plan is to stitch one of the Boo Club charts one week, and then work on Santa Clothes by Raise the Roof on the other week. Since my schedule does seem to vary one week from the next, I am not really going to put any pressure on myself. If it takes more than a week to stitch one of the charts, I will just stitch on it until I am finished with it, and then stitch on Santa for the same amount of time I took to finish the chart.

The Santa project has been a WIP for a several years, almost making it to the UFO pile. I have already done the Witchy Washy chart by Raise the Roof, and I have Peter Cottonknits and Sam's Shorts, Socks and Such also by Raise the Roof in my To do pile, so I would really like to get on with it. Here is my starting point so that we can track my progress.

This weekend I have been taking it fairly easy because I have had this persistant cough that has really worn me out. The oncologist decided that it could be a reaction to the chemo I have been taking (although there is no history of that reaction) so did not let me take the chemo this week. He had me do a CT scan of my chest and a Pulmonary Function Test and he then wants to see me back there on Thursday afternoon to determine a new gameplan. I just hope that it doesn't prolong the process too long. Right now, I wasn't to be done with all the treatments until mid October, I don't want it to carry over to the holiday season if I can help it. Okay, done with the whining.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope this finds you happy and healthy!!

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Amy said...

The birds are wonderful Beth, Char will love it! And why would you say you're not as "good" of a stitcher as the rest - don't be silly!!! Yours is as good as anyone's!!

Hope you are doing okay - think of you often & keeping you in my prayers!
Sending hugs!!

Karen said...

Hi exchange for Char. I am sure she will love it. Love your LK Boo Club....I just love these little charts but doubt I will ever get around to stitching them.

Hope your cough doesn't persist! Happy stitching...

Karen said...

your exchange piece is really cute, Char will love it! your wip's are great too! woohoo!!!

hoping your cough gets better soon! thinking of you often and sending positive thoughts. (((hugs)))

Carolyn NC said...

Had no idea you had your blog, Beth! I love your birdies and I'm sure Char will, too. Your stitching looks wonderful. Keeping you in prayer and hoping your treatments end on schedule. :)