Sunday, October 3, 2010

I finished my exchange piece for MB!!!

I finally finished stitching my Finished Piece exchange piece. I did decide how I was going to finish it, and picked out the materials I would need, but I did not have time to do the actual finishing. I will do that next weekend. I had better, since I only have two weekends left before I go! I will take a picture of it and post the picture after I get back along with the other exchange pieces I have done.

One of the reasons why I did not have time to do the finishing work was because Lisa and Lily and I spent some of Saturday at the St James Art Fair in downtown Louisville. It is one of the largest art shows in the region, and is located on a court surrounded by huge old Victorian homes. The centerpiece of the court is a huge fountain. Here is a picture of Lisa and Lily in front of the fountain. It was a beautiful day with alot to see and enjoy!

Another reason why I didn't get to the finishing work was because Friday after I finished stitching the exchange piece I decided to stitch a fun pumpkin piece that I could use for Beckysc's Great Pumpkin Challenge. It was a quick stitch, at least for me. I haven't decided whether to finish it as a pillow ornament, or a no sew cube. I will try to finish it next weekend as well. Sorry, this picture seems to be pretty dark - dunno why.

I have a couple more little pumpkin pieces kitted up as well as another Christmas ornament to stitch on this week while in Louisville. Not sure which one will strike my fancy, so I will take them all with me.

Thank you for stopping by my blog and for taking time to comment. Hope everyone has a happy and healthy week and gets lots of stitching done!

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Mary said...

Very cute stitched pumpkins. Hugs! Mary

BeckySC said...

CUTE pumpkins :)
Have a most lovely week!

Shelleen said...

your pumpkin piece is sooo cute.

Sally said...

What a cute pumpkin Beth! Love it.

Michele said...

your pumpkins are sooo cute! and love the picture of Lisa and Lilly.

Can't wait to see you!!!!

Siobhan said...

Your pumpkin piece is too cute! You have a beautiful family.

Barb said...

It's very cute!