Monday, February 7, 2011

Delusions of grandeur...

Last night I was stitching away while watching the Super Bowl. Granted I spent more time watching than I expected, but nevertheless, I almost finished my little Valentine ornament. The whole while I was thinking, I will finish it in the morning, and do the finishing on it and the other projects this afternoon. I had intended to show you a picture of my all year long tree all decked out for Valentines. Well, it was a nice thought, but - didn't happen. I could say it was the fault of the doctor, as I called him this morning and he had me come into his office. He also sent me to have a chest x-ray to make sure what I had wasn't pneumonia, which I have not received official word, but I am pretty sure I don't. I could blame him or the great drugs he gave me to make me feel better, but it probably wasn't that. I think it was just I didn't have the mojo for doing the finishing today - maybe tomorrow since I am not supposed to go to work then either. Good news is, I did finish stitching the ornament, which is a 1998 Charland Design freebie. I chose my own DMC floss as I didn't have either of the fibers they called for, but I think it turned out okay. Again, it is a dark picture, and I am sorry.

I know you all are tired of the snow, but I just had to try to show you what was happening in our backyard this afternoon. The flakes that were coming down were HUGE. I am old, and I never remember (maybe that's it) anyhow, I never remember flakes this big. And, we had probably three inches of snow on the grassy surfaces, but none on the streets. Perfect snow, as far as I am concerned. Now, of course, things have changed. It is gotten colder and the streets are full of slush and they are predicting very cold temps tonight. Not a pretty scenario for the morning drive. Guess I am glad I won't be putting in my 50 miles to work tomorrow!

I am overwhelmed by all the lovely comments and positive reinforcements I received on my Peaceable Kingdom. Thank you all so much. I am going to stitch the Lizzie*Kate Cookies the rest of the week and then get back to PK. Until then, or maybe IF I get my finishing work done and have a picture to show for it, have a happy, healthy, stitchy time!

Oh! I meant to ask a blogger question. Quite often, if I have made a comment on a blog, the blogger will email me an answer or a thank you. Is this the proper blogger etiquette? If so, how do you get the commenters email address? I have clicked on the name, and it comes up with the blogger's profile, but doesn't have an address that I can see. Any help on this would be very appreciated.
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BeckySC said...

Hey Beth :)
First I will reply to your Blogger question. Some bloggers do reply to all comments via email-I do not as I would spend more time on the computer than I have in a day :) I DO however thank everyone publically in my posts which I think is perfectly acceptable :) :)
To email the bloggers-they have to have their email functional within their profile :)

Your Valentine stitch is cute :)

Shelleen said...

I have all the comments come to my email addy and then I click on reply to say thank you. I don't always have the time to do that though. I think with Becky who gets tons of comments that her thanking publicly is wonderful and I do that as well.

Sally said...

Hope you are feeling much better soon Beth.

Love your sweet Valentines finish.

I don't usually reply to blog comments unless there is a specific question in them and as Becky says they have to have their email functional in their profile. I have all comments send to my email so that I can approve them ( I get too many spam comments!).

Michele said...

Love your sweet Valentine finish. Hope you are feeling better!