Friday, February 11, 2011

Great mail week...

I just got home from my week in Louisville working, and I had two lovely packages awaiting me. My DH says that the first one arrived on Wednesday, which didn't surprise me because it was an order from Amy at Down Sunshine Lane. I had a little fun at her Super Bowl sale, and that quickly I got my order. Just amazing customer service and pride in their business. Love to order from Amy! I think you can see that I HAD to order the new Lizzie*Kate "One Hundred Years". I want to stitch this for my daughter - hopefully for this year's Christmas. And I also got the new Prairie Schooler leaflet "Sunny Days". I thought I could stitch one or two of these for my summer All Year Long Tree. And lastly, I gave away to my new obsession over the JBW French Country designs. I am going to try to stitch up and finish the heart this weekend for my tree. Wish me luck.

And then on Thursday (my DH tells me), I received a package from a new Stitchy friend that I met at MB last year. Besides being a beautiful stitcher, Kathy (no blog) is a ceramics artist. And she sent me this cutest little "Snip-it" jar. She had said something about it at MB, but when I didn't get it , I just thought that she forgot. But, apparently, she lost the folder with our names and addresses in it, and had been looking all over for it. Finally, she just posted on the bulletin board that she needed our addresses. That, too, was this weekend, and I really didn't expect to see this package so soon. Pretty special lady, I would say. (You also might want to notice the scissor bed sitting next to the jar. Look how well they go together. That scissor bed was made by Charlene who has the blog Needle in Hand, and I got it in the Finished Piece exchange at MB last year.)

Stitching wise, I have almost nothing to report. Because I missed work on Tuesday I went into work today and didn't get off until after 7pm. So, my normal spending some time stitching on Friday was shot. Tomorrow DH and I are going back up to Louisville. He will be watching our 3 yo DGD while DD and I go to a "Sprinkle" Apparently that is the name of a Baby Shower for the second child in a family. Sounded cute to me. But, after that, I may be able to start my weekend - LOL.

Thank you all for all the kind comments on my Valentines ornaments, they really were fun to do. Blogging with such wonderful people sure does make stitching that much more fun. Until next time, have a happy, healthy, stitchy time!

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Carol said...

You sure made some nice choices from Down Sunshine Lane, Beth. I've always loved that "One Hundred Years" saying--so true!

Beautiful gift from Kathy--such a cute idea.

Have fun with your granddaughter :)

Lynn said...

Great stash Beth! Don't you just love it when they're is stitchy mail?
Beautiful gift from Kathy too.

A "Sprinkle"... that's the first I hear of one of these. Cute!

Carolyn NC said...

Love the new stash and gifts! Yep, I did the same thing and ordered for the Super Bowl sale, too!

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Great new choices to stitch, and love your happy dancing Valentines tree! Hope you have fun at the Sprinkle, and that your stitching time gets back in the loop of things to do!

Karen said...

great goodies in the mail Beth!! what fun fondling all of those!!!! I have faith in you that yu can stitch up the JBW heart in no time, they arequick. :) Happy Valentine's Day!

Crystal said...

Wonderful choices you made at the sale, love getting stash mail too. Never heard of a "Sprinkle" before cute sounding idea, have fun.