Monday, April 11, 2011

She liked it! And, I loved it!! AGAIN

EDIT: I hope this time when I upload them without Picasa they will show up and stay up - wish me luck!

Well, I hope this works this time. I don't know what happened last night, but when I finished typing my post, the whole thing just disappeared. I can tell you that as tired as I was, this was very frustrating - LOL. Now that I am over it, I will try this once again with a calm disposition. (If any of you know me, I know that you are laughing because I am NEVER calm!)

The exciting things I had to tell you were that my first blogger exchange is over, and I believe that it was a wonderful success! I heard from Michele at Just Another Stitching Blog, that she received my package, and she liked it! I was very happy to hear this. I was pretty happy with the way my piece turned out, you be the judge.

This is an old Lizzie*Kate chart called Spring Basket. I stitched it on some hand dyed fabric which I believe was called Polar Ice. (I hate it when CRS hits - LOL) I did stitch it with the called for overdyed floss. Then the scary part, I finished it into a little pillow. I did send some goodies with it, but I forgot to take a picture of them before I sent it - DUH. You can check on her blog for pictures of what I sent. She didn't forget - LOL.

Then, this weekend, I got Michele's package, and I was blown away! I loved everything that she sent me - and boy did she send me everything! Look at all that great stuff! The darling Easter towel, the little Easter egg candle holder, and the very springy photo album! She also sent me a lovely spring fat quarter that I am going to use for an ornament this month. I will probably use it for another ornament next month - Whoo Hooo! I don't know it you can see in the middle of all the goodies the cutest little SanMan button. It really cracked me up, and I can't wait to find a place to put it.

But now, you must see a close up of the darling pillow she stitched for me! I am really loving it. It is going to reside under my All Year Long tree for this month. It will work just perfectly there! And, that was not the only thing that she made for me Look at this darling scissor fob with the scissor and hand made heart charms. Isn't is just the cutest? What was cool was she sent me some WDW floss that matched the colors of the beads of the scissor fob. They certainly will come in handy soon.

Lastly, she sent me some of the coolest looking candy ever. I had never seen either of these before, and I am almost sorry to eat them. (Not so sorry as to not eat them, mind you.) It was really great because they are milk chocolate, and that it my favorite!

So, as you can see, this exchange was just wonderful. I am thinking that I will want to do another one sometime after my DS#2's wedding the first part of June.

As far as my stitching goes, I am not getting much time to stitch. We spent all of this last weekend out in the yard. And I mean two twelve hour days out there. We got most of the flower beds cleaned, planted and mulched, so we are pleased with our efforts. We still have to finish the beds that go around the house. My family is going to be coming to stay with us for my son's wedding, and I really want it to look good for them. And, besides, it is the time of year to do this anyhow. I have almost finished stitching the giraffe in Peaceable Kingdom, and also one of the Spring/Easter ornaments. I hope to have pictures of them to show you next week.

For those of you that have made it this far in this long post - congratulations! I really am so grateful for all of you who visit my blog and take time to comment. The comments go a long way in motivating my stitching mojo! So, until next time, have a happy, healthy, stitchy time!


Kathy A. said...

Glad you enjoyed your exchange with Michele. I did one with her last year and she is indeed wonderful.
You did a bang up job with your first exchange as well.

Crystal said...

Great job on your first exchange. I know how your feeling with the yard work eating into your stitching time, my garden has been calling my name lately.

Lynn said...

All your stitching sounds wonderful but I'm not able to see the pictures on your post. I'll try again tomorrow.

Lesleyanne said...

Sounds like you both gave and received lovely gifts. Unfortunately I can't see the pictures.

Sally said...

I can't see the pictures either but I bet everything looks wonderful. I saw the one Michele sttiched for you over on her blog and it's lovely.

Carolyn NC said...

Sounds like a wonderful exchange - hope to see the pics later. :)

Sally said...

I can see them now! Everything is lovely Beth :)