Friday, July 1, 2011

July TUSAL & question on Bloom

First I think I will show you my TUSAL and get the business portion of this post finished. My little July TUSAL scene will remind me of what was going on when my ort jar was this full. The little ornament in progress is from the Prairie Schooler leaflet Sunny Days. I am hoping this is just one of four red, white and blue pieces I get done this month. Oh that sounds like a goal - something I have not been keeping up with lately. Maybe that is a sign of good things in the future. One can hope. The closeup of the the ort jar shows light blue threads from the Lizzie*Kate Spring Basket piece I had been working on. It is finished stitching, but when I went to make it into a pillow, I could not find the fabric I want to use to back it in my craft room. How frustrating is that? I really didn't have a lot of time to look, so maybe this afternoon I will be able to find it - I hope so!!

Now to my questions on Bloom. Here are two pictures of Bloom, I finished it into a little pillow with this really cool backing fabric that I got from Michele at Just Another Stitching Blog in an exchange earlier this year. On the first one I show it without the embellishment of the medium sized flower button. The second one shows it with the embellishment. Which do you like better. And if you like the one with the button, should I put some of the little center buttons across the bottom. I really can't decide at which point it gets over the top. Any input would be much appreciated.

Our group of friends and family are going to spend this coming holiday weekend up in Chicago. One of our friends daughters and her family live there so we are going to visit them and try to see some sites while we are there. There will be a total of 12 people in the group. DH and I and another couple are going to stay in a VRBO apartment, and some of the younger generation are going to sleep on air mattresses and the daughters house. Should be a fun weekend, and I will report back at the beginning of the week.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. If this is a holiday for you, what are your plans? If not, have a wonderful relaxing weekend. Thank you for stopping by my blog and especially for leaving comments! I do really love reading them!! Until next time, have a happy, healthy, stitchy time!!


Michele said...

Hugs Beth :) Sounds like a fun weekend planned! Hope you take lots of pictures!

I love your pillow! Glad you were able to use the fabric :) I really like it with the purple flower on it.

Lesleyanne said...

Have a great weekend. Love your Bloom finish. I like it with the purple flower but think I would put it closer to the middle.

RuthB said...

Hey Beth -- Happy 4th adventuring to you. I hope your Chicago trip is a blast.

Love your bloom finish. I think I like it without the button.. or maybe with the button in the middle. This is why I never seem to get anything FINSIHED!

Karen said...

Very pretty finish! I like the purple flower but agree it maybe should be in the cneter or maybe off center on the eyelet trim. Cute either way.

Hope you have a great weekend.

Carol said...

Your Bloom finish is very cute, Beth. I like the purple flower but would center it on the lace. Try it that way and see what you think :)

Have a safe trip to Chicago--what a great city in which to celebrate the 4th!