Friday, July 29, 2011

Last of July stitching and TUSAL

I really can hardly believe that this is the end of July already. I know I have said it before, but time is really speeding up. The one way I can recognize that we are in the dog days of summer is by looking at the thermometer - this has been a record breaking hot summer for our area of the country, and it appears in quite a few other places as well. I hope where ever you are reading my blog from that you are able to keep cool however you can. I know that my gardens all look like jungles, but with my COPD, I can't get out there to do anything - bummers. To go along with my complaining about the heat, I chose to take my Second July TUSAL picture in front of the thermometer so that I will remember that this is the July/August shot!

I did get one more little red, white and blue ornament done for my All Year Long Tree. This is a old SanMan Original chart that was probably a freebie from her site. I did it on 16ct white aida with my choice of the DMC red, white and blue. It is backed with the fabric that it is laying on, and once again, I used the cute ribbon.

I had a little excitement this week - not of the good kind. Thursday morning I woke up to find that incision of the surgery I had June 23rd opened up again. So off to the emergency room did my daughter, Lisa, take me. They said that since my skin is old and damaged by the radiation treatments, it is not surprising that this happened. They stapled me up again, and I go see the surgeon that did the work on Monday. The ER doctor thought that I may end up having to have a skin graft to insure that it won't open up again. Bummers.

On to brighter, happier thoughts - I have started planning & stitching for the MB Retreat in October. At the retreat there is an Autumn, a Halloween and a Christmas Ornament exchange. There is also a "stitched piece" exchange as well. I have picked and started stitching my larger Halloween piece and a couple of little Autumn and Halloween ornaments to stitch. I have the new Cross Stitched Christmas book that has a couple of nice ornaments I may stitch as well as some other charts I am trying to decide between. In the exchange, if you bring one piece, you get one piece but if you bring more, you get more. I think I have settled on my stitched piece project, but I am missing a couple of the flosses, so I had better contact Amy at Down Sunshine Lane here real soon. I guess many of you are thinking I am starting this pretty early, but I am a pretty slow stitcher so I need to get going on this.

I sent Debbie of SoCaDebbie out the Traveling Stash box, so if you are interested in joining the fun go to her blog. I am sorry, I don't know how to do links. I think while I am at MB I'll ask some of the other girls how it is done - better put that on my list - LOL!!

Thank you all once again for visiting my blog and especially for leaving comments. It is really fun to read what you all have to say. So until next time, have a happy, healthy, stitchy time!


SoCal Debbie said...

Hi Beth, I'm sorry to hear about your surgical complications. I hope it heals so you won't need a skin graft. I had one and ended up with more problems from the donor site.

Your ornament looks great with the perfect matching fabric. Maybe I will try that some day.

Thanks for the TUSAL reminder. I'm going to take my pic now!

Siobhan said...

I'm sorry to hear about the incision opening up again! I hope it heals well for you and isn't causing you pain.

The ornament is beautiful! Great job.

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Wow - time passes quickly, but you're not wasting it, are you? Great finish. Glad you got your tear taken care of, and hope it mends quickly.

Jenny said...

Thanks a bunch for the TUSAL reminder! I agree, the months just fly by this year!

Your patriotic ornament is very cute and that ornament exchange sounds like a lot of fun. I usually participate in my guilds Xmas exchange - what a great idea to extend the exchanges to include other seasons as well!

Good luck with the healing. I am keeping my fingers crossed!

Karen said...

sorry to hear about your incision but hopefully he will get you all taken care of so it does't happen again. :) I really need to get in the craft room and make a plan of attack for all the exchanges as well, so i can get them stitched up quickly! cannot wait to see you in Oct!

Karen said...

Getting ready for MB too! I hope to do all of my stitching in August... guess I better get busy planning what to stitch!

Love your little finish! happy stitching....

Sally said...

Love your little ornament Beth :)

Sorry to hear about your incision opening up. I do hope it heals up better this time and it causes you no more problems.

Shelleen said...

Beth, sorry about your medical problem. Love the finish and have fun in MB!

Lynn said...

Goodness, I hope that incision stays closed this time and you don't need a graft. I didn't realize that this sort of thing could happen.

I don't think it's too early at all for starting on Halloween and Christmas stitching. I was just thinking that I should get started on some myself. Good job on your ornament!

Pointed Stitcher said...

Love your ornament and so sorry about your incision, hope it will heal.