Sunday, July 24, 2011

More Traveling Stash info

I am sorry that I posted about the Traveling Stash without enough information known by me for you all! I spent some time this evening tracking down thee origination of the Traveling Stash, and I found that it has always appeared to be a U.S. only opportunity. I also didn't post what little rules there are about it. It seems you are to look through the box of stash and find anything that you would like, and keep it. Then you are supposed to add to it at least the same number of things you took away, if not more. I do not know what the original Traveling Stash box contained, but now it is stuffed full of mostly older charts, several different kinds of fabric and floss, and some smaller kits. If anyone wants to take part in this pass forward, please leave a message on my Friday's post.

Since I didn't give you all the full information on Friday night, I am going to wait until Tuesday night to draw a winner. I am sorry that I have to tell so many people that they can't play. I will try later this year to put together another stash box open to everyone!

I have started gathering supplies for projects that I want to do for the PALS MB Retreat in October. It is a wonderful retreat with several different exchanges that are really a lot of fun! I also found a couple apps for my ITouch that maintains a floss inventory for me so that I know what I need at a moments notice when I find myself in a craft store. Cool, huh?

Well it is late and I need my sleepy time - thank you for stopping by and leaving messages. Until next time, have a happy, healthy, stitchy time!

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SoCal Debbie said...

What is the name of that app? Hope I can find it for Android!