Thursday, November 3, 2011

Vacation Part #2 Believe it or not!!

I am going to have my DGD Lily again this weekend, so I won't have a chance to be on the computer much. So, I am going to show and tell a little about the MB experience in another short post with the hopes that I can have more time next week. I know, promises, promises.

What I can tell you is that Amy of Down Sunshine Lane does an incredible job of organizing and arranging and gathering goodies for all of us crazy ladies that go to MB for the PALS Retreat!! This year was truly no exception! There were 74 of us ladies there and we all have full access to a wonderfully lit conference room where one whole wall was glass looking out at the ocean from 8am to midnight for four full days!! And, most of us spent most of that time in there stitching, eating, talking, laughing, talking, laughing, eating, stitching and generally having a ball!!

As I told you in my first report, Thursday was the Fall and Halloween exchange. I showed you what I brought for my Fall pieces, and so now you get to see how absolutely lucky I was in what I received in my exchange!! This first piece as you can see, is a darling piece stitched by one of our Newbies - Jean from Florida. It is done on tiny, tiny maybe 36 or 40 count linen, and it comes with its own easel!! Is it not the most darling thing you ever saw? And so beautifully stitched!

And, for my Fall ornament, I got this great piece from another Newbie, Laura from Maryland(I believe)! Sorry I am having difficulty remembering every one with so many newbies this year!! Somehow the picture makes it look much bigger than it is, it fits beautifully on my ornament tree, which I will have to take a picture of - maybe this weekend. This stitcher it a woman after my own heart - it is stitched on aida, and it is truly very cute. My DGD wanted to keep it, but I was very firm - she can have it later. Isn't the Scarecrow button darling?

I thought I would quickly show you the Halloween pieces I took for the Halloween exchange. First, my Halloween decoration is this no sew cube I made of the bottom half of Lizzie*Kate's Halloween Sampler which I stitched on a very pale (can't remember the name)purple 16ct opalescent fabric with the floss that was called for on the chart. I backed the cube with the fabric that it is sitting on, and I know it is hard to see, but I put a fuzzy black spider on top - I thought he looked cute there - LOL!

For my Halloween ornament exchange, I stitched this Heart in Hand piece called spider web, on 16ct anti
que white aida with the called for floss. I backed it with the fabric that it is laying on, and just used a simple gold ribbon for the hook.

Well, that is all I can manage tonight, but I will try and get you more pictures and stories early next week. I am not sure that is a promise or a threat - LOL!!

I am going to try to get together a birthday giveaway to post next weekend and to draw the winner on 11/20. Look for that next week. Until then, thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for your delightful comments that always make me smile!! Until next time, have a happy, healthy, stitchy time!!


Lesleyanne said...

Glad you had a great time at the retreat. Your received some gorgeous exchanges. I love your L*K with the spider on top.

Sally said...

What lovely pieces you received. Glad you had a great time.

Shelleen said...

All of those pieces are to die for.

Charlene ♥ SC said...

All the ornies are just adorable. You got a lot done, and will look forward to hearing ... 'the rest of the story' :-)

Fiona said...

All the ornaments look great, I remember the spider and he did look cute sitting on the cube.

Jenny said...

Oh, that is one cute collection of adorables! I have heard so many great things about PALS - I need to look into it more; maybe I can be a newbie next year... dreaming on ... LOL