Monday, July 28, 2008

Finished Section two - finally...

And I have decided what I am going to do with the two small sections I just got downloaded. The one which is maybe 25 stitches tall and spreads the width of the top of section two, I am going to do in two shades of the green. The section which runs along the right side of section two and is about 25 stitches wide, I am going to do as a monochrome in the burgundy color. Now, just to decide which one to do first, hmmmm.....

As far as life is going, I have friends that have taken a few hits this last week - one lost his job at age 61 with MS, and his wife found out the same day she is going to have to have a lumpectomy. Kind of a sucky day, wouldn't you say?? Thankfully, she is the one with the health insurance!

Our weekend was nice, my youngest turned 25 (GULP) on Saturday. We took him and his friends out on the boat tubing and skiing. Then they all came over to the house for dinner and games before they left for a late movie.

Lily had her 9 month checkup, and she is f0r the most part healthy, but little. She only weighs 17 pounds and is 26 inches tall - 30 percentile in size!! Obviously, she take that after her father's side of the family!!

Gotta go finish up what I need at work before heading to Lisa's!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, the percentile thing ... I'm glad to hear Lily's a healthy girl 'cause we all know that's what is important.

I'm sorry to read about your friends' problems! Will add them to my prayers.