Sunday, August 17, 2008

What a lovely weekend

I am sitting here feeling so blessed because of the weekend I just spent here with a wonderful group of people. We have a group of friends that choose to gather once a month for the weekend, usually camping. However, since August is usually a hot and nasty month in KY, we were "camping" at our house. There were 10 of us here from Friday afternoon until just a little while ago. We talked and laughed and ATE and watched the Olympics for 48 hours. There are several of us that are going through some difficult times, whether because of loss of jobs or medical difficulties or other issues, but all those problems were left at the doorway and this weekend was just for peace and relaxation. And, it was a huge success!!

I had been doing a little stitching, and have gotten part 3a done of the Spanish Mystery Sampler.
As I had said, I changed this to two shades of green because I thought that the sampler was getting a little too busy for me. Here is what it looks like so far, and I think I am glad that I made this decision. You can also possibly see that I have started section 3b in a monochromatic fashion, and I am pretty happy with how it is going. Please excuse the wrinkles.....

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Shelleen said...

great progress on your sampler.