Thursday, October 9, 2008

Leaving Saturday early am..

We are going to be leaving early Saturday morning for our trip to North Carolina and my further trip to Myrtle Beach. When last I was here, I said I had a lot to get done, and so I thought I would show you just how far I got.

First a non cross stitch piece, the Halloween jumper
I made Lily, and what she looked like in it! She really seemed to like it although it was a little busy for my daughter - oops!!

Now I can show you my Creative Stitch Contest piece. This is the first year that I have tried it, but I really liked the chart. We were supposed to stitch the words the way they were charted, but to make our own choices as to what fabric, floss and embellishments we wanted to use. I went with something I thought I could keep out all winter long instead of just the Christmas season.

Lastly, here are the three Christmas ornaments I got finished for the ornament exchange at Myrtle Beach. For every ornament we take, we get to choose one that someone else stitched. I think this will be fun too!!

I can't say how much I am looking forward to this upcoming week. With some of the issues this family has faced this last year, I am ready for a break away from it all. I think that the Pals Fall Fling is just the ticket!!

Hope you all have a wonderful week while I am gone...


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Ruth said...

Oh Beth, it's not too busy! It's perfect!!!!! :)

Looking forward to those ornies, voting for you in the contest, and just in generall hanging out and having fun!

See you soon!!!!