Sunday, October 26, 2008

North Carolina in the Fall..

North Carolina in the fall is just gorgeous. Craig, Peg, Bill and I drove to just on the eastern side of the Great Smokey Moutains National Park where we had a great cabin in Bryson City, NC on Saturday, October 11. We had lovely weather the whole weekend with bright blue skies and temps in the mid 70s - perfect!!
On Sunday, we went into Asheville and toured around. Since we had all already been to the Biltmore, we decided not to do that again, but
went to see the Grove Park Resort instead. This is a picture of the back of the lodge, trying to show the magnitude of the boulders that were used to build this building - impressive.

This is the view from the deck shown above with the Asheville skyline in the distance. There were many levels of the decking, with a huge spa and a man made waterfall at the bottom. I did not go down there because I knew that I would not be able to get back up, but Bill said it was fantastic. He got some shots with his 35mm camera which are gorgeous. FYI, Craig did inquire as to whether they had any vacancies for the night, and they said no. Asked what the cost per room was, they said it started at $1100. It is hard to believe looking around this place that we are in a scary recession - go figure.
This was the view from our cabin, with from left,Craig, Peg and Bill in the forefront. It was really lovely sitting on the deck and just gazing out at the beauty. Bill took a picture at night of the full moon, and it ended up looking like something from a horror flick - LOL

On Monday, we took a drive up the Blue Ridge Parkway for about 60 miles. In that time, we got to the highest point in altitude that the Parkway attains. This is a picture from that spot, and it really doesn't do justice to the gorgeous range of colors that were showing off for us.

Tuesday morning we got up and fixed a big breakfast and then packed up the two vehicles. Bill rode back home with our friends while I headed down to Myrtle Beach for the Pals Fall Fling. I will have to tell and show you about that on my next post.
Until then, I hope all is well and stays well with everyone


Ruth said...

Wow. How lovely. They even had changing colors. Up by Chris everything was pretty much still green.

Can't wait to see the rest of your report.... and can't wait for next year!

Michele said...

miss you!!!

loved the pictures of NC :)