Friday, October 31, 2008

MB Fall Fling

The one thing that makes me feel better about telling this story is that I believe that anyone who comes here for a visit would be someone who is as fanatic about cross stitch as I am. That way, I don't have to try to explain how great it is to be around like souls. Particularly since I have none here in my area.

On to MB - I drove in from Asheville,NC on Tuesday early afternoon. There I was greeted by the Char and Laurie and Teresa in my home away from home. It really is a thrill for me to be a part of the guest house crowd which, by the way, is right across the street from the Hospitality House and next door to the convention center - AKA the "CENTER of the UNIVERSE of the Fall Fling"! Here is a picture of the seven that stayed in the house the most. Jane Timmers, the wonderful lady from Fancy Works that did the classes, stayed with us for some of the time, but she is not pictured. From the left, Renee, Michele, Karen,me in back, Char in front, Teresa in back, Laurie in front. I spent some time unloading the tons of stuff I brought with me, and settling into my place along with trying to get up to date on my Pals. Soon after I got there, Amy and Susan came over to yell at me for not going over to there place (the Hospitality Shop) to let them know I was there. (I think they were just trying to make me feel welcome)

Tuesday evening Char, Laurie, Teresa and I went to Ruby Tuesdays for dinner. There I learned from Laurie about the geographical issues when it comes to spoons. Something I never noticed but Laurie lectured me on, was that spoons are not part of the setup at Southern restaurants. Who Knew? I surely had never noticed. Maybe because I live in what is considered the South.

When we got back from the restaurant, two more of our house mates were there. Michele and Karen, who, along with some of the other Pals had gone to Charleston to tour, and had just gotten back. They got moved into the house, and then we sat around and stitched and chatted. Amazing how I looked up and it was 1 am!! Off to bed I went.

And off to bed I shall go now - more later - take care!!


Shelleen said...

thanks for sharing :-)

Ruth said...

Isn't it sad that we're not still there???? :(