Sunday, November 2, 2008

More on MB

I have decided that instead of giving you a play by play of everything we did everyday, I would just show you some of the pictures I took and maybe be able to tell you about our wonderful Fling that way.

Wednesday was the day that the Hospitality House officially opened, and we were able to get our Registration Packets and peruse the Stash Room for the first time. Our packets were amazing - thanks to Amy's hard work. A complete listing of the goodies I received in it is on the left hand column. I think this was one of the nicest packets ever!!
I don't know how many of you have been to MB and know about the stash room, but I thought I would show you just how amazing it is!! Everyone that wants to donates either gently used charts or kits or fabric or charts they have decided they will never use. And then, it is like a dream yard sale where we can remove some of our old stash and pick up someones elses old stash. Here is what the room looked like on Thursday after most people had gotten there. All during the weekend people would bring in more stash, and many like me, would take out lots of stash. I really went crazy this year in the stash room. I will eventually have a listing of all the goodies I got there in the left hand column. I think I have to try to get over the embarassment first!! LOL
Tomorrow, I will try and come back and show you pictures of the Dessert Night and some pictures of the Hospitality House.
Until then, take care.

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