Thursday, November 6, 2008

Jane Timmers

Let me first explain for those that don't know me. I think of myself as a mediocre stitcher because I only stitch on aida and at small counts because I can't see the tiny holes.

So, Jane Timmers of Fancy Works, came to MB to teach a class all day Friday and I guess two half day classes on Saturday. Since I was staying in the large guest house, Jane was given one of the rooms in it. So Friday morning, while we are all sitting around munching on some breakfast, I apologized to Jane for not taking her class because it was above me. I didn't stitch on linen, and couldn't keep up with her classes. Immediately, she says oh no, you can stitch on linen, let me show you. So she pulls out some 18ct linen and shows me about the over and under threads and that you have to start your piece to the left of an over thread. She was really nice, and I thought that it might be possible to do, but just wasn't going to then. Well, Saturday morning, here comes Jane with a frame which makes stitching on linen much easier, and a right size piece of 18ct linen. She tells me to just "doodle" on it for the day and if I had any questions she would answer them that evening. Mind you, I had paid nothing for her classes, but she went out of her way to help me learn a new trick. I have heard from the girls that took her classes that she was really a good teacher, and I believe that she must be. Unfortunately, I have no pictures of Jane, but, as you can well imagine, Ruth (The Musing Badger) has several posted on her site.

So, my advice to any who can take a class from her - TAKE IT she is really nice.

I will post later about MB, but I just had a few minutes and didn't want to not post this.

Have a good weekend - I will be spending it chasing Lily. Lisa is in London, and I get to be Grammy Nanny for the weekend - whoo hooo!!


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Ruth said...

How totally cool! Private tutoring from an amazing teacher. You lucky devil. You know this means I'll expect to see some linen work in your finishes next year at the beach!