Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It has been a long time...

Wow, almost a month since I have last posted! I seem to have been very busy, but I really don't have much to show for it. Most time comsuming and enjoyable was Thanksgiving and the cooking related to that event. Also, I have started baking my cookies, but I have told everyone not to expect as many as in the past. I have baked 58 dozen so far, and I hope to make at least that many this upcoming weekend, but that will be close to all I will make. (In the past I have made nearly 200 dozen cookies each year) One of the reasons is because this year, thankfully, I don't have anyone in my family stationed in the Middle East unlike the last several years. It has always been a tradition that I would send large containers of cookies to my people for them to share during the holidays.

Thanksgiving was a wonderful time for our family - spending it with very old and close friends, sharing the chores and joys that goes with the feast and the surrounding celebration. This year we added another event to our holiday weekend. Some young friends of ours, who are internationally acclaimed opera singers, had the two leads in an opera at the KY Center for the Arts on Friday night - so we "HAD" to go. It was my first opera, and probaly won't be my last.

Stitching wise, I have to finish both my DGS's ornament and the Snow Flake poem for Christmas. I would be stitching now, but I had a small accident this morning, and I fractured my little toe. The doctor could not splint it because I am currently having a series of foot surgeries and therefore the splint would have messed things up. So the doctor gave me pain pills, and I am slightly wooosie and I don't trust myself to stitch. I am a little paniced as to how much this is going to impact all of my Christmas capabilities. I still have a lot to get done before the big day. I am expecting between 27 and 39 people at my home for Christmas dinner!! Wish me luck!

Hope all is well with you and yours..


Shelleen said...

ok, so when do you sleep? dozens of cookies and having over tons of people for Christmas. Got any of those drugs for me LOL.

Ruth said...

Merry Chridtmas, Beth! Merry, merry, merry. Hopefully you're not STILL cooking :)