Sunday, January 4, 2009

Holiday report - abridged version

Well since it is already the 4th of January, it seems silly to still be talking about Christmas. Let us just say that we all had lots of fun and Lily was a super star. She was put through crowds ranging from 10 to 40 and she handled them like it was no big deal - yeah LILY!!

Here is a short run down on what all we had happening here. The second Wednesday in December, we hosted my DH's office staff for a luncheon. There were 12 ladies, and I served Parmesean Chicken and Fettucini Alfredo and green beans (southern style). We had Peanut Butter Striped Sensation for desert. (Got the recipe at MB).

The Monday before Christmas my brother and his wife moved in for their five day stay. Problem was, I was up in Louisville until Tuesday. hehehehe DH had to entertain them. Tuesday night my DD, DGD and DS along with my DN came down for the rest of the week. We had lasagna and garlic bread with salad and applesauce cake for desert.

Christmas eve we decided to open up the presents when Lily got up from her nap because we thought she would be too tired to do it after dinner and it helps me to have Christmas morning to start the cooking. So, we opened presents and we all loved what we received. After that we had Pork Tenderloin, new potatoes and green beans. With pumpkin bread and applesauce cake for desert.

Christmas day we had 31 people for dinner and a total of 42 people here celebrating Christmas. I roasted two turkeys in electric roasters and served mashed potatoes and gravy, long grain and wild rice, stuffing, green bean casserole and sweet potato casserole and fresh fruit. I just had cookie platters for desert. After we ate about 20 of us played Turbo Cranium, and it was a ball.

Saturday after Christmas we had a party for our good friends to exchange gifts and enjoy the holdiay. There were 12 of us, and I served Taco Soup and Tortilla chips and chocolate cake for desert. We also played Turbo Cranium which we played girls against the boys, and the boys really didn't like it so we played on the Wii for a while.

New Year's Eve we had the last of the parties. We had our old friends and some of our new friends over. There were 16 of us and we served hoppin john soup and ham sandwiches and all other kinds of goodies. (Now is the time we start trying to get rid of all of the leftovers!!)

Let me show you two of the things I got done for Christmas. I also stitched an ornament for my DGS, but forgot to take a picture of it DUH. They are going to send me a picture of it sometime.

Here is what I made my DGD because her room is all done in Disney Princesses. I hope to do a different princess every year. This was the first time that I did my own finishing, and I was not too unhappy with the results.

I also did a wall hanging for my DSIL, Sue which I think she like very well. It was also my first finishing of that type and again, I was not too unhappy with the way it turned out!
Well, that was my Christmas holiday, and while I loved doing it all, I am sorta glad that it is all over. We have not yet taken down all of the Christmas decorations, DD and DGD are coming down next weekend to help take the trees down and move back the furniture.
I have spent sometime thinking about this year 2009, and while I don't really believe in New Years resolutions, I think that I have set myself up with some doable goals. Tuesday I go see my doctor for my six months checkup, and I am going to have him sign me up for Pulmonary rehab again. While I will only be able to do it once a week, I do think that it will help me build up my strength and endurance. It might even help take off a couple of pounds, and that surely wouldn't hurt. I am also setting myself up with some stitching goals - most importantly - stitching at least one hour everyday. I also am going to join in some SAL's and the UFO board on the Pals board. If you would like to see my UFO's and other WIP's here is the link to my Webshots albums.
Now that I have talked your socks off - I will close with a wish that all are having a happy and healthy new year!!

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karen said...

looks like you had a very very very busy house during the holidays and the food all sounds amazing!

Great finishes! Bravo!!! your kicking some butt!

I also have gone to my dr. and am getting back on my MS meds here soon with his help (ins didn't cover very much of my meds). now they are only $10 or $20 a month. wWOOHOO!