Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My last finish of 2008

This is the ornament I did for my DGS this year. He told me that it looked just like his dog which I have never seen, so that was the best thing he could say to me!!
I think he might take after his Dad, my DS, in knowing what to say to people to make them feel good. DS is always complimented for his kind words.
Well, I went to the doctor yesterday, and he did give me orders to get back into Pulmonary Rehab. I left his office and went straight to the hospital that has the rehab and turned in my paperwork so that I can start on Friday - WHOOO HOOOO! He did say that with emphysema, I should expect to get out of breath quickly and for it to continue to get worse. But that the rehab will slow the process down - let's hope. I did get an A+ on my blood work though - no problems there, and considering I had the test done on New Year's Eve. there was every possiblity that my cholesterol should have been up - LOL.
Stitching wise, I hope to have my first finish of 2009 done tonight. It is a small one, but a piece of a big project I AM going to get done this year in time for the County and State Fairs. It is my Lizzie*Kate Stamps that I am making into a sort of patchwork quilt looking wall hanging. Keep your fingers crossed for me.
Hope everyone is doing fine in 09!!


Anonymous said...

*WAVING* Hi, Beth! Thank you for your comment on my blog - it's great to see you again!
As always, your holidays full of family, friends & food sound so wonderful! I'm very sure Lily was indeed the belle of the ball! :o)
I'm glad to read you're getting back into pulm rehab ... have to keep you healthy, woman!
Stay in touch, please!

Karen said...

Hi Beth...thanks for your comment and I followed it over to yours! I love adding to my daily reading and will definitely be visiting yours again also.

I saw that you still stitch on Aida and must confess I actually prefer it! I know linen is the "sexy" thing to stitch on, but I just love certain designs (such as LK and BC) on Aida. Interestingly enough, the Paula Vaughan I just finished was on 18ct Aida...I like the way it looks with a "tighter fit" than when stitched on linen.

oh well...enough jabbering...see on the Pals BB.