Friday, January 16, 2009

Three generations

I know, Christmas has been over for a WHILE, but I just received an email from my BIL with a nice picture of some of our family taken on Christmas day.

That is me in the chair holding my DGD, Lily while I open a present. Behind me is my DH, Bill and to the side is my DD, DGS's mom, Lisa. I liked the picture, but it was missing my two DS's a DDIL and a DGS, most of whom were in Maine and had a excuse for not being there. DS#2 was actually helping out in the kids playroom so that the older folks could exchange presents in relative peace. DGD had escaped and DD had come after her. hehehehehe.

I ran a bunch of errands today, and have some of my chores done. I am looking forward to a basically peaceful weekend with some good stitching time available - WHOO HOOO

Hope all is well with everyone and that you are staying reasonably warm in this huge chill.


Shelleen said...

what a nice pic of 3 generations :-)

reneexstitch said...

Oh Beth, Lily is absolutely beautiful! She is growing up so fast. That red dress is gorgeous. I just bookmarked your blog and now I feel like I will be able to keep up with you more. Your "gazing" snow sampler turned out beautiful. Miss you!

karen said...

waht a great pic of the 3 generations. Lily is such a doll. sending you warm thoughts from a oddly warm Arizona this time of year. we have been holding at 75 all week long (usually our coldest time of year). Guess it's gonna be a very very hot summer and longer than normal. UGH!

RuthB said...

Aww, grammy aren't ya'll cute. I'm sorry so many are missing but the little one looks like quite an angel :)

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful picture of you four! And you have had vacation time??? SO not fair! *lol*