Thursday, February 5, 2009

Tough times

We have had a real tough last ten days. Of course, I live in Kentucky and we got hit by that terrible ice storm last Tuesday a week, and we lost our power, our water, and our phone service. For a while, you couldn't even use the cell phones. It was quite a miserable mess. I had been up in Louisville at Lisa's anyhow because it was that time of the week, but DH tried to stay here for two nights with just the gas log fireplace for warmth. I finally convinced him to come up and spend the nights at Lisa's. But that meant he had to drive back and forth each day, and he doesn't like to drive as much as I do.

While dealing with all of that, I got word that my brother was losing his battle against cancer, after having been quite successful for over a year. And, when he took that turn, he took a nosedive, and ended up passing away last Sunday. He lives in California, and they have decided not to have a funeral, have him cremated, and schedule a Celebration of Life ceremony sometime in March. That is when I will go out there to be with the family.

Sunday I caught whatever this cold thing is and it has really tried to knock me out. I still can't talk very well - had no voice Monday or Tuesday - and I still have a terrible cough. I saw the doctor on Monday and he gave me antibiotics and cough medicine and prednizone and nasal spray, so I have kept myself busy taking drugs - LOL!

But! We are now back in our home - power came on yesterday evening, and now we are warm and well lit. Also, we get to sleep in our own bed, which will make things much better.

So, all my great plans at getting more organized and more productive in cross stitching and general life, have been put on hold. But now I am going to try and pick up the baton and start walking - too sick to run yet - LOL

Hope everyone else is doing okay and getting tons done.


Karen said...

Goodness sorry to hear about your loss and lack of power. Hopefully you and things will be back to normal really soon.

RuthB said...

Beth, my dear, I am so sorry to hear about your brother. Hugs!

Shelleen said...

I am so sorry to hear about your brother. Hope you feel better soon.