Saturday, March 28, 2009

An award and a PIF

I have been very lucky for a beginner blogger. BarbMI gave me an award which I am very pleased about!! Thank you so much Barb! I am to pass it on to eight more bloggers which I will do at the end of my post.

Also, I was thrilled to be given a PIF from KarenSC which is my first!! Thank you so much, Karen! Now, I can PIF to another blogger that would wish to get something stitched by me within 365 days of the finish of the drawing. I will draw one name from the people who comment on this post that they would like to be considered. I will do the drawing next Friday, April 3rd.

Well, we made it back from California, and I was really happy that we went. My brother would have loved both of the ceremonies that were held in his honor, and would have loved the fact that we got to spend four days visiting with our relatives at his house. Lily was a dream to travel with, after all our concerns about keeping her happy during the flights, she slept mostly all the way through all four flights!! She also slept through all five nights of us sharing a hotel room with her - can you beat that?

Stitching wise, I had very little opportunity to stitch. The hotel we were staying at did not have an indoor lounge where I could go stitch in the mornings before everyone got up. I guess that is what happens in Southern California, you are expected to sit out on the terrace. That would have been fine, except there was no light, and more importantly( I brought light with me), it was COLD!! So that was frustrating. Oh well, each day I did sleep later - just so that I would be really messed up by the time we got home - LOL!!

This week I hope to start being on a more reasonable schedule, and I hope to be able to work on my Peaceable Kingdom UFO tomorrow, and on my April Stamp during the week.

I have come to the hard part of this post - picking 8 folks to send this award to is very difficult - I can't say that I have any favorites - I love to see what everyone has to show and say!! Okay, if I must, here are the eight I picked:

Shelleen (Shelleen's Musing)
Amy (Amy Stitches)
MicheleWA(Just Another Stitching Blog)
KarenAZ (Stitching & Sharing)
Renee (Renee's Reflective Stitcher)
RuthAnn(The Musing Badger)
KarenSC(Karen's Handiwork)
Lisa(Stitches Along Life's Road)
I hope everyone has a wonderful week - full of love and stitches.


reneexstitch said...

Has anyone commented yet? I know I am late and am not sure what I understand what a PIF is. I just got to sit at my computer for the first time a week. Miss ya so much Beth!

RuthB said...

Ah, thanks, Beth. I'm honored! :)

I'm also glad to hear that your CA time went well despite the reason behind it.