Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Spring has come to Kentucky

Right now is one of the nicest times to live in Kentucky. We generally have moderate temperatures, and blue skies, and everything turns green. The grasses, the leaves on the trees, the flowers coming up - it just all explodes. Last Sunday, I got to spend most of the day outside in my gardens, weeding and mulching, and in general enjoying being outside. Once the dog days of summer show up, I can't really be outside with my COPD. I guess that is why I really love this time of year. The picture on the left is our iris bed out in the far back yard. The center picture is main flower bed and a little wagon we filled with left over bulbs. It sits right outside my kitchen window, and it is a fun thing to gaze at while working. The far left is a flower bed which is behind our garage. In a couple of weeks, my lily bed will be blooming - I will upload a picture then of that.

Because of the beautiful weather, my stitching has lagged just a bit. I am working on Christmas is Forever by Lizzie Kate, but not really getting very far. I also need to spend time putting my Lizzie Kate Monthly Stamps together into a wall hanging. I am hoping to get that done soon.
Hope everyone is having a lovely spring.

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Raggedy Ann said...

Beth, your gardens are beautiful!!
Your grandchildren are adorable.
I hope you are feeling well,
thinking of you,
Louise in NC