Saturday, August 29, 2009

WOW It's almost September!

Where did the summer go? I spent a lot of it reading books. I went through(actually am still in) a reading addiction. Things are somewhat stressful here what with the economy and some major household repairs that had to be done this summer, and I just needed to escape. While I love to stitch, I am still able to think when I stitch. When I read, I fall into the book, and lose myself completely. Therefore, I read.

And since I am confessing my sins, another is a pretty heavy duty obsession over Susan Boyle. She is the lady that had the audition for Britian's Got Talent that was seen round the world on youtube. My adult niece sent me the link to that audition, and I was blown away. Yes, she had a really wonderful voice, but I was really uplifted by her bravery and the results. Her apparent joy in being allowed to go further put me in tears. So, now I am a member of her fan club (first time ever for that), and I am waiting very impatiently for her CD to come out in November. I have probably watched either her audition or the semi-finals or the finals at least once a day ever since April. They never fail to captivate and gladden my heart. Go figure - I don't really have an explanation just a statement of fact.

I have started working on putting my Lizzie*Kate Monthly Stamps together into the wall hanging. I hope to finish putting the pieces together tomorrow, and I think I am going to take it out and look for some different backing material. I bought some for the backing, but I think I can do better - wish me luck!

Last weekend I finally decided that I really NEEDED to go to MB this year with the PALS. I really need a little time to get away. So, I have started stitching a Christmas Ornament for the exchange, and hope to get at least two done before I go. That way, I will have a least done a little stitching before I go.

I am going now to catch up on all your all's blogs - I haven't even done that is summer - bad me. I am looking forward to catching up - "see" you later.


Karen said...

Great to see you back in blogland! I will at MB this year too and am excited to see that I will get to meet you. I have been stitching the flip-it stamps too so I can't wait to see yours finished in a wall hanging!

RuthB said...

Hi honey --- we'll forgive you if you forgive all of us who have been bad too ;-)

RuthB said...

Hey you... It;'s October now, whatcha up to? :)