Friday, October 9, 2009

Just over a week from now...

I will be going to MB for the Pals Fall Fling. In some ways I think I don't deserve to go because I really haven't been much of a sticher this year, and in other ways I think I really NEED to go. So, need won out, and I am really looking forward to getting away. I am hoping that it will also get my stitching mojo motivated a little more. In preparation for going, I have already done some stitching so that I am not totally embarassed when I get there, so that is good.

I tried really hard to have my Lizzie Kate wall hanging done before I went, but it is not to be. I do have the pieces put together, and actually I have it made into a wall hanging that looks just terrible, so it is going to be taken apart before I go. I am not sure if it was that the backing fabric was too light weight, or if it was my poor sewing skills showing. Whatever, I did not like the final results. I will take it with me and hope some brilliant person there can give me some abilities I don't already have. Fat chance, huh?

Two weeks ago I went under the knife to have a large fibromatosis removed from my right clavicular area. It had been putting constant pressure on a nerve and giving me a lot of grief, so I had it removed. I have a six inch scar, but the pain is gone so I am happy!! I go see the surgeon Monday for a final wrap up. Today I started back at cardio/pulmonary rehab. I figure I could go this week and next, miss my time at MB, and get back at it when I get home. I really need to work on my strength and stamina.

I am going to spend this Sunday picking out what projects I am going to take to MB because I will be gone the rest of the week, and Lily's birthday party is next weekend. This really will be my last chance to pet my stash before I go!!

We are going to spend tomorrow down at our favorite campground with a group of very close friends. We were supposed to camp all weekend, but we have had heavy flooding showers all day today so we decided not to camp but just go down and sit around a campfire for the day. I have to go now and make some taco soup to have for dinner there. Aren't crockpots wonderful?? LOL

Hope everyone is having a happy and healthy fall. To those that are going to MB can't wait!!


Karen said...

Hi Beth,

I will be going to Pals this year. I went the very first year and hadn't been back so I am so excited to meet everyone.

See in Myrtle Beach!

Karen said...

Beth, you have fun! i will miss you! especially waiting up for us to make sure we got back to the house ok. ;) WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!


Marie said...

I have always wanted to go to MB but have not been able to. Look forward to hearing how it goes this year. Sounds like fun!