Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A happy update and a comical epiphany!

The positive update stitching wise is that I did start the Christmas ornament on the 16ct aida, and I really like the way it is working up. It is much easier for me to see (with my cheaters), and I really like the way the color looks with the flosses. I am for certain going to get more of this fabric to work on other projects.

The other positive update is that the radiation started, it is really no trouble, no discomfort, and really quick. My appointment this morning was at 8, and I was at the office by 8:30. That will make the daily visits quite manageable.

The comical epiphany is about the Finished Piece exchange for the MB. I had told you in an earlier post that I was trying some other fabric that I had never worked on before and that I had to start all over with a new piece over the weekend. Well, last night, on my way out of the office, someone accidentally bumped into me and knocked a full glass of Pepsi out of my hand. Half of it poured into my tote bag which was full of my medicines and my stitching!! The ONLY thing that was not in an additional plastic ziploc bag was the piece that I had started a second time. Right then and there I realized that someone upstairs was trying to tell me that I was an aida stitcher, and I should not try to stitch on anything else! I really was so grateful that nothing else was damaged, I couldn't be unhappy about the piece which I really had not gotten much done on anyhow. I have decided that I am going to yet again start that piece this weekend once I get home to my stash, but this time on 16ct aida. What do you wanna bet that it will go just great. That is what I have my money on - LOL!!! Actually, I am already much less stressed - Whoo Hoo!!

Well, it seems everybody had a busy weekend, and I still haven't gotten caught up on reading the blogs, so I had better go. Thank you so much for visiting my blog, and for leaving comments.

Hope you all have a happy and healthy week and get lots of stitching done!!


Shari said...

there is NOTHING wrong with stitching on aida!!!! I get so hurt by people who condemn aida stitchers. My favorite fabric to use is lugana, but many, many projects look best on aida!!! I am doing one right now...on aida!!!!
Glad the treatment went so well!!!

Karen said...

Sounds like someone was trying to tell you something! Gald your treatment went well and hope that continues to be the case.

I can't wait to see all of the goodies your bring to MB!!! Happy stitching...

Shelleen said...

Glad that your treatment went well. I bet you were happy not much was ruined by your pepsi. I don't like to stitch on aida anymore but I know there are still a lot of aida stitchers out there and I say who cares what you stitch on.