Sunday, September 12, 2010

Frustrations, restarts and a small finish

There seemed to be a theme this week in my life which was not so good. I was supposed to start radiation treatment, but they decided that they had not "mapped" me quite right, so I had to go back in to have it remapped. Treatments are supposed to start tomorrow, so that will begin the progress. I was doing my own form of "remapping" myself. I had started a Lizzie*Kate ornament on a 16ct hunter green aida that I thought would look really cute. It didn't. So, I thought I would try it again this time on this random linen, burlap kinda fabric I got last year at MB. It started out looking good, but when I switched to one of the other main colors, it matched exactly the color of the fabric, and disappeared. Bummers. So, now I am going to try it on some 16ct natural aida. I have done a floss toss, and it seems the only issue will be with the white, and I am just going to change from the called for oatmeal to a true bright white.

This weekend we were supposed to go camping, but Mother Nature had other ideas and decided to give us the much needed rain on Friday and Saturday. In the old days, we camped in the rain and thought us such adventurers. Nowadays, we know we are just old and don't want to deal with it - LOL. So we have had a weekend at home to do some catch up and clean up which is good, but not what we were planning.

Yesterday, I was working on this piece I am doing for the Finished Piece exchange for the Fall Fling. I was gazing lovingly at how pretty the colors were working up on the fabric when my brain finally kicked in. I had totally misread the chart, and had completely messed up the biggest portion of what I had stitched. GAD ZOOKS - how could I be so blind?? I dunno, I just was. There was no way that I could frog all of what I had done wrong both because it is hard for me to see to stitch this in the first place and also would have taken me forever if I tried. So another piece of fabric bites the dust. Luckily, I had enough more of the fabric to start over. And that is what I did.

I did need something positive in my stitching life this weekend, so I picked up my Lizzie*Kate Boo Series and stitched Pumpkin. I was even able to do this on my nightly wake ups due to some medicine I am taking which usually last an hour or so. So here she is = Pumpkin. She will look alot better with the buttons, but I am waiting to put all of the buttons on once I have finished so they don't get broken in the scroll frame.
I also was able to finish my first Christmas ornament for the exchange at MB. So at least I won't be going there empty handed. Whoo HOO

I also went to the eye doctor on Friday, and I really needed a new prescription, so the new glasses are on order. I am hoping that will allow me to extend my stitching time.

Thank you all for visiting my blog and for leaving comments. It is really neat to "meet" people from all over this way. Until next time, have a happy and healthy week and get lots of stitching done!!

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Karen said...

Well...sure hope this week goes better! Third time's the charm so good luck on your stitching.

Good luck with your treatments too...will keep you in my thoughts.

Peggy Lee said...

Hi Beth!
I looked for an email addy and didn't see one. Thank you for becoming one of my newest followers. I enjoyed reading through your blog, you have a wonderful way of writing.
I am also excited to find a fellow stitcher right here in Kentucky! I only know of a couple others.
Your work is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
I also want you to know that I will remember you in my prayers as you take treatments.
~~Peggy Lee

Faye said...

I am sending prayers your way Beth~~ Take care of yourself and will look for you at PALS!


Sally said...

I hope this week gets much better Beth. Thank you for your comments on my blog. Good luck with your treatment.

Your L*K Pumpkin looks brilliant!

Mary said...

I love your LK Pumpkin. I have stayed away from that series but now I'm starting to reconsider it. I love how you have the material set up as well.

Good luck with your treatment.