Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Final Fling Report!

Friday and Saturday were both beautiful sunny days although a might chilly in the morning. I was glad I had my jacket with me to stroll on the beach. Both days were times to stitch and talk and laugh and talk and stitch and laugh. One of the other really big and wonderful things about the Fling is how relaxed you get. I guess you can't be stressed and be laughing at the same time.

Friday night was the grab bag exchange where everyone brings a container full of fun and stitchy stuff. The exchange is played like a White Elephant where you can "steal" someone else's container. I was really foolish and didn't take a picture of either the goody bag I made up or the one I received. All I can say was they were both appreciated. After the grab bag exchange we did the Christmas ornament exchange, and here again there was a ton of gorgeous ornaments to choose from. I was lucky enough to get an ornament stitched by KarenSC which I just love. It is so cute, and it will look terrific on our Christmas tree until I get my ornament tree. Maybe I will have it by Christmas, and I can keep this ornament for it.

Saturday night we had our final exchange which was the finished piece exchange. There were 30 of us in this exchange, and the creativity that was presented was awesome. There were very few duplicate ways of finishing, and in the actual stitched piece itself. This was another activity where it was pure luck as to which one you would end up with. And, again, I was very lucky!! My piece was stitched by Charlene and it couldn't have fit me better. It is a fantastic saying on a beautiful scissor bed with the most beautiful blue floral fabric. Did I mention that my favorite color is blue? There is no way I could have stitched this piece as it is in high count fabric and way too small for me to see. I have yet to determine where this will lie in my home as I have been carting it around to show off to everybody on what a beautiful piece I received.

Saturday was especially touching because Toni gifted me a special stitched piece which is not only a darling chart, well stitched, designed by one of my most favorite designers, the proceeds from the sale of this chart goes to the American Cancer Society research. Isn't this Lizzie*Kate design the cutest piece ever? I was really surprised and touched by Toni's generosity.

I have been saying that I was able to sit and stitch and laugh for these three and a half days, but I haven't shown you that I accomplished anything with all that time. My next post will have pictures of what I got done during the stitch in. Probably not as much as you would expect given all that time, but you have to remember to take into consideration all the talking and laughing part of this retreat.

Until next time, thank you for visiting and commenting. They really do mean a lot of me. Have a happy and healthy week, and get lots of stitching done!


Carolyn NC said...

It was a fun, fun time, wasn't it? Great seeing you - nice pics of your lovely exchanges!

Nan said...

It's so interesting to see everyone's take on the Fall Fling. One general theme is that everyone had a great time. I didn't get as much stitching done as I thought I would either but I sure did laugh alot.

Karen said...

Oh Beth...I forgot you got one of my ornaments and wished I had taken a pic with you! So glad you like it and can't wait to see it on your tree.

Can't wait to see what you stitched?????

Barb said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun. Nice pieces.

Sally said...

The exchange pieces are lovely Beth. Sounds like you had a fantastic time :)

Chris said...

Nice pictures Beth, looking forward to the rest of your pictures. Was great seeing you. And yes, as Nan said, one general theme from all of our posts - everyone had such a great time.

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Wow Beth - you mean go got stitching done? Hehe - not too much with all the other fun we were having! Glad to meet you, and keeping up with your stitching through the year!