Monday, October 25, 2010

Wednesday and Thursday at the Fling!!

The new home for our Fall Fling is really nice. I believe that every room in the resort has a view of the ocean, and our conference room had a beautiful one too. Wednesday of the Fling was really just a gathering day and a time to see old friends and meet new ones. This year there was over 60 women there, well up from the usual 40 - 45 that had been the norm. That meant getting to meet a lot of new folks. And they kept proving that cross stitchers are generally very nice people. The ladies at this gathering came from all over, we even have one that comes from Scotland every year!!

Thursday morning I was able to get these shots from the
balcony of my room. The first being the sunrise over the
Atlantic, and the second a shot of a lazy river pool in the
courtyard below. I never saw anyone in the pool as the weather, while beautiful was in the mid 70's most of the days. A little cool for swimming when there was a consistant ocean breeze.

Thursday there was plenty of time to stitch and chat. There was a room set up every afternoon called the show and sell. There, two designers were selling there charts and some cute accessories. Amy had some floss and other goodies to sell. That night, there was a class, but all the classes were for items stitched on high count fabric that I just can't stitch with, so I passed on the classes.

After the class Thursday night, we had our Fall and Halloween exchanges. I was really frustrated that I did not have my camera with me to take pictures of
all the beautiful stitching and finishing. The biggest problem of the evening was choosing which one to take when your number was called. I was the lucky one on the Fall exchange to get my number picked first, and this was the reward. This was stitched and finished by Diane (Nansneedlework), a newbie to the Fling, but one I believe will be back!! Isn't it just beautiful?? It is sitting in "Grammy's room" (my room) at my DD's house since I am there more than I am at home.

After everyone got to choose their Fall exchange, we got to do the same thing for the Halloween exchange. Another group of fantastic pieces were involved in this exchange. I was lucky enough to get this darling ornament stitched by Toni Morgan. Since I have plans to steal Faye's

(Carolina Stitcher)
idea of having a year long ornament tree, this piece will be great for my Fall/Halloween season. It was a wonderful night of seeing everyone so happy with which piece they got.

Well, this takes us through Thursday. I will try to post either later tonight or tomorrow's lunch the pictures I have for Friday and Saturday.

For now, thanks for visiting my blog and for leaving such nice comments. I hope that I can find time to get all of the blogs read that I missed while I was gone - you all were really busy!!

Hope you have a healthy and happy day and get lots of stitching done.


Shari said...

ok Beth......MUST KNOW..........who is the designer of the piece you got in the exchange??? The one that sits in Grammies room???? That is just TOO CUTE...must do!!!! Working hard on my sanman today!!!

Kathy said...

Hi Lois HE!!!HE!! I thought I would just write you a little note to tell you we got back to Ohio safe and now I am still frogging!!!
Sincerely Kathy B in Ohio

Faye said...

Hey Beth~~ It was so much fun hanging out with you again this year at PALS! Never enough time to visit like we'd like to, but we all managed to get in a few chats...LOVE what you came home with~~ Take care! Faye