Monday, November 22, 2010

Start of holiday season, thanks and finishes!

Last weekend was the start of the baking season at the Pearce household, and it couldn't have started off better. This year we had three generations of cookie bakers working together. Lily had a great time pouring the ingredients into the mixer for Grammy. Luckily I have a Kitchen Aid mixer that has a shute to use for that purpose. It worked really well for Lily. Maybe Mom Lisa helped a little in directing the pouring, but Lily did a really good job. With her help we baked 24 dozen cookies on Saturday. I have since then baked another 16 dozen cookies and will be baking pumpkin bread and applesauce cake today. It seems that Christmas has come much earlier this year, I can't understand where all the time I had to do everything went???

I have to show you the wonderful surprise I got in the mail the week before last!! Faye (Carolina Stitcher) sent me this beautiful pillow with a pocket in the back full of floss!! It was a wonderful surprise and one I will cherish. I have a slipper chair that sits next to my bed that is the perfect place and color for this pillow - and there it shall sit!! Thank you so much Faye!!

I also have a finish to show you. I finished Halloween, the last of the Lizzie Kate Boo Series last week. I tried to take a picture of the entire series, but that didn't work out too well. After the first of the year I plan to have it finished into a bellpull, and I will then take a picture to show you the completed job!! For the rest of the year I will be working on Christmas ornaments for presents and some other presents that need to be done. Again, time has gotten away from me and I just hope I can get everything done. I would cross my fingers, but it would slow down the progress LOL.

I have one more picture to show you because it is so unusual. When my DH came home for lunch yesterday he went out to the backyard and picked this beautiful rose from our rose garden. Now, I live in Kentucky and this is November - you are not supposed to have roses in your garden at this time of year!! The picture shows the rose in the foreground, the fresh baked cookies in the middlem and a couple of my collection of snowman cookie jars in the background. It just doesn't seem right, but it is what it is. That is a saying we have been saying all year long in this household, and I am glad that this year is almost over!!

Thank you all for coming to visit my blog and for leaving comments. They really mean a lot ot me and I really enjoy reading them. Until next time, have a happy and healthy holiday season and keep on stitching!!

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Karen said...

Beth, you girls look so cute with your aprons on and baking all those cookies! Caitie does all the cookie baking here because i am jus horrible at it and she LOVES it. LOL
Can't wait to see Boo! finished into a bellpull. Great job on finishing it up!
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Nan said...

Awwww.....the 3 of you are just too cute in your holiday aprons. Sounds like Lilly had a blast baking cookies. She'll remember days like that forever.
Happy Holidays!

Carol said...

Love seeing the three bakers in a row--little Lilly's apron is precious! How I wish I had a daughter or granddaughter to bake with...I love baking cookies, too, but my sons never help out any more like they did when they were little! Enjoy each moment :)

Carolyn NC said...

What an adorable picture with the three of you! Love your goodie from Faye - so pretty! Congrats on your finish - very nice! And your rose is just gorgeous. :)

Sally said...

What a lovely picture Beth. I bet you all had a fab time!

Love your gift from Faye. It's so pretty.

Love your L*K Halloween!