Saturday, November 27, 2010

I am caught up!!

But only with reading blogs - LOL!! I didn't even take time to comment on any of them because I was so far behind. I will really try to do better in the future. Of course, in this holiday season, it is really hard to find time to do anything. Speaking of finding, I can't find my camera right now and I really wanted to take a picture of my fantastic Secret Santa package I got from Amy last week!! It really is wonderful and I hope to show you all the goodies just as soon as I find my camera.

Just before Thanksgiving I took pictures of my latest finishes, and I would like to share them with you. I had made these for some familly members, but the opportunity never came up to give them to my family. So, I will give them to other members of my family for Christmas. The first one is my favorite. It is "Windows of Faith, Hope and Peace" by Primrose Needleworks from this year's Just CrossStitch Christmas ornament Issue. I chose not to do the border design or put the beads on it. I stitched this on 16ct white aida using Ebb Tide floss by Needle Necessitys. I finished it into a no sew cube and you can't really see, but the cube is sitting on the fabric I used to put on the back. I think I might just save this one for myself - my favorite colors and sentiment!!

The second one is "French Country Star" by JBW Designs, also in this year's Christmas Issue. I chose not to put the work Star on it, and I stitched this on 16ct white aida and used a variegated DMC floss. I finished it into an ornament which backing material is what the ornament is sitting on.

Lastly, this ornament is " 'Tis Red" by La-D-Da also in this year's Christmas Issue. I decided to take out the leaves and make it into a diamond shaped piece. I stitched this on 16ct Natural aida and used WDW Pine floss. I finished this with the backing that is showing under the ornament. I really liked the simplicity of this piece this way,.

It is amazing what Cross Stitch Pals has done to my attitude about designs. Before I started reading that board, I would never have even changed a color, much less changed the design. What freedom!! I love it!! My friends always tease me about being a obsessive rules follower - they wouldn't even know me when it comes to stitching - LOL!!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season. Mine is busy baking cookies. I am up to about 55 dozen cookies, but I need to at least double that total before Christmas gets here. The kids are coming down tomorrow and we will put up the decorations and two of the trees. Not sure if we will put up the other one. I did much of my Christmas shopping online this year. I just didn't think I had the time or energy to actually shop. Of course, DH and I will go out and shop for the grandkids because that is just too much fun to miss - LOL!!

Well, if you all have taken the time to make it this far in my post, thank you very much. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for all your wonderful comments!! Until next time, be happy and healthy and try to get some stitching in during this holiday season!!

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Nan said...

Hi Beth!
I love your finishes. I understand completely what you mean about the Pals giving you a new attitude. I've actually taken some creative license with a few pieces recently.

Karen said...

Great new finishes! I love your changes too...isn't great when you can make a design your "own".

Hope you have fun decorating... feel free to come on over to my house if you just don't get your fill of it!!!!

happy stitching...and baking.

Karen said...

great finishes Beth! now isn't it fun to change them up! :) You can come on out here and bake some cookies and help decorate please! Caitie will bake which she loves to do, but noone helps me decorate it's all me. :( oh well, it gets done the way i like it. :)

Sally said...

Love your ornament finishes Beth! Love the changes you've made. I'm the same I wouldn't have dreamt of making changes a while ago but I do now!

Shari said...

hum....wonder how I missed this blog post........either you wrote it while the boys were here or while I was in my mucas fog after they left....
the ornaments all look fantastic........ I love seeing everyone's ornament finishes.