Sunday, January 2, 2011

A couple of glances back, and a look forward

I never have had the opportunity to show you the fantastic Secret Santa goodies I got from Amy. I know I told you about it, but at the time a couldn't find my camera. So, here it is (minus a couple of pieces of candy)- isn't it wonderful? To refresh your memory and because my photography is so poor, let me tell you all that was in it. There are two SanMan charts with embellishments and one with a tuck ornament, Everything I need including fabric, floss, chart and beads to do stitch both JBW Christmas Tree ornaments on the chart. A darling little snowman stocking which held it all along with two pieces of finishing fabric that is gorgeous. There is a Antique looking Santa pin and some nummy candy canes. But the best of all is a Snowman embroidered ornament that Amy made!! I am loving it! Thanks again, Amy, for a wonderful Santa package.

One more thing from last year that was pretty wonderful was that my DS#2 graduated from the University of Kentucky on December 17th. He had stopped going to school some years ago, and started back up without telling us what he was doing. It was quite a surprise when he told us that he was going to graduate. I wanted to let him know how proud I was of him and his efforts, so I stitched this UK Wildcat Logo as a remembrance. Sorry for the reflection, I am no good at taking pictures. (The piece is not really framed yet. I just stuck it in the frame to show him what it will look like when it is framed.) I am having trouble finding mounting boards to frame it with.

One quick little look forward. This is the start of the Christmas Spirit series that Lizzie*Kate put out in 2008. I am going to do this as a banner just like I did the Boo series by Lizzie* Kate. So, I have partially met my first goal for January and I am thinking about changing which ornament I stitch this month. I am thinking about doing one or two snowmen ornaments to put on my ornament tree for the winter season. I will let you know what I finally decide when I do.

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such lovely comments. I really do appreciate them. So, until next time, have a happy and healthy and stitchy week!!

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Karen said...

Looking good Beth....great start on your LK! Love the goodies from Amy.

happy stitching....

Karen said...

fun goodies from Amy! Your DS will love that stitched piece from you and great start on LK! Happy New Year

Line said...

Great start to the LK, it's a lovely series, not quite sure when I'll be able to squeeze it in though.
And a lovely momento for your DS, beautifully stitched

Sally said...

Lovely start on the L*K Beth and I love what you stitched for your DS.

Fantastic goodies!

RuthB said...

Hey Beth! Congrat son the goodies from Amy and on the LK start-- that will look great! But frankly my favorite of yours is the three generations of bakers. :) Love that!