Sunday, June 12, 2011

A bit of wedding and a bit of stitching

Good evening! I can almost say that I had a pretty relaxing day today! Did a little shopping and a little stitching and some paperwork, but not much.

Well, I promised some pictures of the wedding, and while I don't have many, here are a few to prove there actually was one - LOL The first picture is of my DS#2 and his groomsmen. To his left, with the goatee kinda thing is my DS#1. The young man on the far right is my DGS!! Of course, I am not proud of any of them - MUCH. And yes, my DS#2 is VERY tall and skinny - LOL.

This next picture is of my new DDIL and her bridesmaides. To the brides right is my DD, and this picture is missing my DGD for whatever reason?

This last picture from left to right is my DD, my DGD, my DDIL, DS#2 and his best friend the Best Man. I am hoping that when we get some more pictures that there will be better ones of my two grandkids, they looked so cute that day! Of course, they had to do a little negotiating to get the DGS to pose for the pictures - typical 12 yo - LOL. If I get any great ones, I will be sure to share them with you.

Stitching wise, I don't believe that I ever showed you the June ornaments I finished for my All Year Long tree. They are from the Prairie Schooler leaflet Sunny Days. I did them on 18ct natural aida with the called for DMC floss. I backed the ornaments with the fabric that they are laying on. There is a flag ornament in this leaflet that I want to stitch for July along with several other ones from my stash. I never did get Bloom finished into a pillow, but I am stitching Lizzie Kate's Spring Basket again, this time for myself, and when it is done, I will make both pillows. I think they will look fine out for the entire summer.

I hope next week I will have my head together enough to make some real goals for the rest of June and July. So many things I want to stitch, so little time - LOL.

Thank you all for stopping and visiting my blog. And, as always, I really appreciate it when you take time to comment. Until next time, have a happy, healthy, stitchy time!

I don't know why there are so many wides spaces in this post, I just can't seem to get rid of them - sorry.


Lesleyanne said...

Lovely pictures from the wedding. Your ornamets are great.

Carol said...

How proud you must have been on your son's wedding day, Beth! The photos are beautiful--love the colors on the bridesmaids and the idea of having different dresses in the identical lavender color... Congratulations to the happy couple :)

Your little PS finishes are so cute--I never get tired of Prairie Schooler designs!

Nan said...

Congratulations to the bride and groom! You have a lovely family and I can tell you love them.
Your ornaments are great. Hope things slow down for you so you can stitch to those goals :0)

Karen said...

Great pics of your family! Love your ornies too... can't wait to see what you stitch for July.

happy stitching...and stay cool!

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Such a lovely family, and love the color she chose. I wish them all the best! Your ornies are so cute, I'm proud that you've kept going, and kept up!! Anyone who uses Blogger knows that it sometimes has a mind of its own...

RuthB said...

What a lovely family.... I sathere trying to think of a different word from "lovely" and you know, there just isn't a better one. Tey are, quite simply, lovely. :)

Congrats on the ornies and all the other stitching.