Friday, July 4, 2008


I am sitting here at my computer surrounded by neighbors setting off all forms of fireworks, praying no one or nothing gets damaged. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE PROFESSIONAL fireworks displays, I just worry about the folks that go out and buy the illegal giant fireworks that aren't meant for backyards. Sheesh!!

Well I have to say that last week was the best week I have had in forever. All three of my kids and my two grandkids got here Wednesday evening, and stayed through most of Sunday. I don't want to brag, but it is a real joy to me that the kids really care about each other and enjoy each other's company! That really makes me feel good. Thursday everyone but the baby and I went up to Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom and had a blast. It was especially nice for DD because she could leave her baby for the whole day and not worry. Friday we all went up to the Louisville Zoo, and I was really impressed by the number of improvements they have made since I was last there. Saturday we had a bunch of old friends here for the day. We had a cookout and played outside games like volleyball and croquet and inside games like Cranium and Catch Phrase. We all had a great time. Sunday we went out on the boat in the morning and just chilled out and played cards in the afternoon and evening. My oldest DS teased me by saying that I had cooked too good and that he was only able to make it to White Castles once while he was here. (they don't have them in Maine where he lives).

Stitching wise I have not been too successful. I am about halfway done with the second section of the Spanish Mystery Sampler, but that is about all I have worked on. I did get some new stash from Sandy at SanMan Originals. I got several of her small June newsletter charts, and I have ordered several more charts to come by pdf file. I am looking forward to getting them because I need some short term gratification!! Oh well, there are two more days left in this weekend, maybe I will be able to get some real stitching done. I hope I hope - LOL

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Shelleen said...

glad that you had a great time.