Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ike - what is Kentucky doing with a Hurricane??

In my memory, this is the first time that Kentucky has been hit by a hurricane!! Sunday morning we were sitting around a campsite surrounded by trees when the wind picked up. After some good natured teasing about whether we should pack up or not (we were not due to leave until Monday), we decided that it might rain and it would be better to pack up dry. While we are packing up, the winds got heavier, and the trees started launching branches at us. Kinda scary.... We got our tent packed up and then spent a little while in our friends camper where we felt a little safer. Lisa and Lily left before Bill and I because we had to help another friend get his stuff together. When we got home, Lisa was there - said she had heard from her friends that Louisville was a disaster area and not to come home. We were without power all day Sunday - it came on late evening on Sunday. Lisa and Lily spent the night with us on Sunday, and then she went home on Monday. She did not have power yet there, and didn't get it until Tuesday. I have a SIL who still doesn't have power - this four days later!! Actually, she is in good company - there are 140,000 people still without power in Louisville. Work did not have power on Monday, but got up and running on Tuesday. Lisa's daycare just got power this morning, so Lisa's ex has been taking care of Lily since he is out of work(the loser).

The most frustrating part is that we have a huge DEAD pine tree in our back yard, and of course it didn't fall over. It would not have hit anything, and would have been much easier and cheaper than getting it taken down.

I haven't done much stitching, but I hope to this weekend - wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

It is indeed weird to say "Hurricane Ike was here"! We're midwesterners - that's just not possible (or so we thought). *lol* I'm glad you're all ok!
Congrats on all of the beautiful stitching you're doing, Beth!! That mystery sampler is going to be absolutely gorgeous when it's all done.

Ruth said...

lol If you're going to get a freak hurricane, the least it could have done is take care of that tree for you. :)