Saturday, September 6, 2008

Part 3B is done!

This has to be an all time first... I finished part 3B of the Spanish Mystery Sampler ahead of schedule!! WOWSERS!!

I am really glad that I got this done before part 4 comes out on the 15th, because that allowed me to do some other things. I did decide to do a piece for the Creative Showcase at MB. I really liked the chart, and since it should be a pretty quick stitch, I thought I would go for it.
I have also been working on my craft room. I still have what seems to be a gazillion skeins of DMC to wrap on bobbins and file away. Once I get that done, I should have a good count on what colors I am missing. I would love to feel comfortable with the idea that I could just hit my stash whenever I wanted to start a new project.
I also decided that I need to stitch an ornament for both of my grandchildren plus at least one for MB ornament exchange. Here I go again, adding way more to the limited time than I can accomplish. I gets it is just a disease - LOL.
Bill and I are having a nice quiet weekend at home. This is good because the next two weekends we will be away from home. Next weekend we are going on a 5 day camping trip with our very close friends. Some of the young adults will stop by for some of the time, but it will mostly be just the four of us. It is supposed to be a lovely weather weekend, which would be fantastic!
I have been watching the weather, and it looks like MB and Amy got wet, but not too much more than that. Where is Ike going - he scares me!!
Gotta go stitch if I am going to have a shot at getting some of this done!!
Hope everyone is having a safe and happy weekend!


Shelleen said...

glad to see you posting. Can;t wait to see part 4 of this piece. I will miss you all in MB.

Michele said...

I just love your mystery piece!

better get those needles smoking gf! Can't wait to see you!!!

Barb said...

It's looking great. Can't wait to see more progress.