Monday, November 3, 2008

I know I promised a story about the Dessert night...

BUT I also forgot to tell you about what else we had in the way of great things from Wednesday on!! I forgot to tell you that Amy had a table full of boxes of sale items for us to fondle and choose from. Of course, I didn't want her to feel she brought them for no reason... The list is also in the column on the left. I have been drooling over the Carolyn Manning Snowmen for quite a while, soooooooo.

Also, Mary from M Designs now has her own shop in Crossville, TN called Cross Stitchville!! Well, she must have brought darn near her whole inventory for us at Pals!! She had fantastic thing everywhere!! Ruth (The Musing Badger) has great pictures of Mary's shop on her blog. I didn't even think to take time to take pictures. I spent most of my time there drooling!! But, like for Amy, I did not want Mary to feel like she had wasted her trip..... That list is also on the left column. You will notice that there is listed some linen fabric. For those of you who know me, know that I don't stitch on linen. Well, as I will tell you in later posts that fantastic teacher, Jane Timmers, has changed all of that!!

Now to the Dessert night and stitching pix. Here is a picture of what was forced upon us on Thursday night Dessert buffet. I know that it looks amazing, and tasted that way as well. If you look about half way down on the right, you can see what Lynn brought, and let me just say her "Peanut Butter Striped Delight" was exactly that!! And, she was kind enough to share her recipe!! WHOOO HOOOO!! Also, if you look closely, you can see the bride to be taking a picture from the opposite end of the table. Renee amazed me with her ability to be with us and share with us two weeks before she got married - AMAZING!! I just had to take this next picture. In the distance you can just make out Amy and Ray sneaking a piece of dessert - hehehehe they do eat some sweets!! The really cool thing about the dessert buffet is that there are always leftovers that we can consume on Friday and Saturday nights after the "offficial" meetings. Of course, along with some bread sticks on Saturday night since we were too late on Friday night. Here are some pictures of the stitchers at "work" This first one shows most of the Goof Troop. Notice Val's crown - this was her birthday!! Also notice the missing Avona. We are all hoping for a complete and speedy recovery for her. Below is an unusual picture- one of Ruth on the right, not taken by Ruth. Next to Ruth is Myra, and you will have to ask Ruth about her change in attitude towards her... Lastly, on the left is the aforementioned Lynn, dessert maker par excellance!!
The lady in the back, closest to the lamp Mavis/Marva/Melba oh, Michele is doing her normal pointing out something - who knows what? Next to her is ChrisNC. I just realized how many folks I don't have pictures of - I promise to do better next year.
If Lily gives me an opportunity, tomorrow I will try to show you some fantastic ornaments that were part of the exchange.
Until then, take care

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Thanks for sharing even more pics of the reunion