Saturday, February 13, 2010

A finish, some news, and some plans...

First off, this is my first finish of 2010. Since it is a Christmas piece, one could consider it late. I prefer to consider is VERY early. This is a Lizzie*Kate called "Christmas is Forever". I really liked the sentiment of the piece. The picture is darker than I thought it would be - sorry.

Now for the news. In the middle of January, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. At the end of January, I had a double mastectomy. I am still recovering from that surgery, and am awaiting an appointment with an oncologist in another week. I very firmly feel that once I am finished with whatever treatments that I have to go through, I will be fine. Just not really looking forward to the treatments.

The up side of all of this is that I will have a little more time on my hands because I won't be going back to work at least until after I see the oncologist. And then, I will probably have some more time off periodically.
So, after spending some time reading other people's blogs, I have decided to take a lesson from Barb in Michigan. She gives us periodic updates as to her progress on her different projects. It is always fun to see how much she has accomplished.

So, I have decided to show you two of my long term UFO/WIP's, and track here how much I accomplish on them. The first is a large piece called "Peaceable Kingdom" which I am doing for my grandson, Harrison. I started it when he was a little over one, and he will be turning 11 next month. You do the math, it is too upseting for me too - LOL. The second is "Santa Clothes" by Raise the Roof. I have done "Witchy Washy" and have "Peter Cottonknits" and "Sam's Socks, Shorts & Such" in my to do pile. I just like the humor in the pieces, and I would like to be able to switch the pieces out for their seasons.

So, my plan is to spend a week's worth of stitching (however much that would be) on one of these pieces, and then spend some time on a new project that I will be starting which is the Lizzie*Kate Halloween Boo club series that I am going to do all on a bell pull kind of piece. I figure each of the twelve charts should be fairly quick finishes, so I thought I would do one chart between each week of working on the big projects. Then, after my quick finish, I will spend a week on my other big piece. My goal is to be able to have something to show for myself each week. Wish me luck!!

I hope this finds all of you happy and healthy and stitching away!!
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Shelleen said...

You have been in my thoughts and prayers. I can't wait to see how much stitching you get in.

Karen said...

Beth...I am so glad you are doing okay and to see you posting. You have been in my continued thoughts and prayers. I love the LK finish...too cute!

Can't wait to see your progress on your WIP too. Sounds like you have a good plan!

Vonna said...

Beth my sincere best wishes for a positive outcome. I will keep you in my prayers and my family will pray for you every day. Good Luck, I know it is a long road to travel and one that contains many bumps.
God Bless you and yours.

Your stitching is gorgeous, I look forward to seeing many updates :)

Michele said...

dammm I miss you!!! Love your L*K finish :)

you know you are in my thoughts all the time hun and I'm throwing positive thoughts all the way to KY!

love you

Karen said...

i love your christmas finish Miss Beth! :) you will do great with the working on the ufo's, etc. i can't wait to see more pics of them.
You have been in my thoughts and prayers! ((((HUGS))))