Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Again!

I had better hurry up and put this post together before it is no longer Friday! This week turned out to be more time spent at doctor's and Surgicenters than I expected. Consequently I didn't get as much done on my stitching as I had hoped. I did get Spooky done though, and I think I like it. I am going to wait until I have all the stitching done before I sew on the buttons. I am afraid that they will get damaged in the scroll frame otherwise.

I did a little more work on Peaceable, but it is hardly noticeable. It is just some additional background. I think that I am going to change my tactics a bit on my stitching. Given everything that is going on in my body, I have decided to just switch between these two pieces, and add the Santa Clothes after I finish one of these. I really do want to finish Harrison's while I can.

It has been pretty interesting. Just in this last week, I have received suggestions from four totally different sources to start a CaringBridge blog. It appears to be a site for folks with serious illnesses to keep their family and friends up to date on what is going on with there family member. I think it is something that DD Lisa and I would set up, and she could update it if I wasn't feeling up to it. I think that she and I will probably set it up next week. I thought that I could post a link to that blog both here and on the PALS board. That way, I could just talk about stitching here and leave the other stuff over there. Right now, I can't remember how to post a link, but maybe in the morning I will be thinking more clearly - hehehehe

Thanks for al the great comments, I do appreciate them. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend full of fun and stitches!

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Karen said...

Love your LK Boo flip-its...they are going to be so cute! Love Peacable too and you have already done so much....keep on stitching!

Hope you have a good week health wise and find time to stitch and relax!

Carolyn NC said...

Ooh - love your stitching! Caring Bridge is great for updates and guests to leave you a note.